The first international conference of ISPO Czech republic

The first international conference of ISPO Czech republic was held in Kaiserstejn Palace, Prague on June 13th, 2005.

The conference was opened by the president of ISPO Czech Republic MUDr. Petr Krawczyk, who welcomed the conference guests. The next speaker, prof. Dr. Hans Henning Wetz read a letter of greeting from the president of ISPO Harold Shangali and the international committee of ISPO and officially gave ISPO Czech republic the standard of an ISPO organization.

This was followed by the beginning of the official program, which consisted of lectures and papers. In light of the fact that the theme of the entire conference was cross-field cooperation, lectures were given on a wider range of topics including pure orthotics and prosthetics as well as themes on chirurgical healing processes and cross-field cooperation curing patients with diabetics foot syndrome. Amongst the other interesting themes were information about possibilities for making use of biomechanics in prosthetics.

Part of the conference was dedicated to education in orthotics and prosthetics. Mrs. Elaine Figgins from Strathclyde University, Glasgow informed all present about the four year study program which has been accredited at the National Center for Education and Training in Prosthetics and Orthotics at this university. This school is one of two, which has gained a qualification certificate from the education board of ISPO which manifests a particularly high level of education in this field. Although there is at present no university education program for this profession in the Czech Republic, steps have been already made. The Medico-social faculty of the University of Ostrava has applied for accreditation in the bachelor study field of Prosthetics-orthotics.

The conference was closed in the afternoon by the president of ISPO Czech Republic who expressed his hope for the regular organization of conferences with cross-field cooperation goals.

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Further information about this conference can be found in section CONFERENCE

Annotations of each contribution can be found in the collection received by each delegate. If interested in obtaining one, please let us know and we will send it to you by post.

We would like to thank to all the organizers for their work at making a successful conference.

The committee of ISPO Czech Republic

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